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About Me

Beatrice (Trixie) Stump

First time I visited Faial for holidays in 1993, I was taken by the stunning landscapes, the different rythm and the simplicity of life.
Wandering around on the island I passed at this old stone ruin whith its stunning view and peace. I felt right away that this is the place I wanna live.
After purchasing the ruine I went back to Switzerland to work. Over the years the ruin turned little by little in to the actual house.

It was in 2001 that I definitly moved to the island. I found my vocation in working as a hiking and tourguide. Giving people a chance to discover these beautiful islands, learn about their culture and taste local food.

In the same time I rent out my house to guest which are looking for a place to rest their soul. Enjoy the panoramic view from the house or hike on well  marked trails. Or the ones which like the sea, whalewatching, snorkeling, diving and sailing.