Book your stay – Prices

To book your stay at one of the Holiday Homes of Casa Azores fill in the booking form on this page.

For both The Sabugo House and the Forest House we use the same rental price.
The rental price is € 85 per night and there is a minimum of three nights rental.
The rental price is based on use of 2 bedroom/4 persons. 10 euros extra per bed/person per night.
In the months March, April and May and additional 60 euro/week is charged for wood to be burned in the woodstove.

You can use the form below to send us your preferred booking details. You can book with us in English, Dutch, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish or Italian. Once we receive your message we will usually get back to you within 24 hours.

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We are looking forward to welcoming you at Casa Azores!